The 6th Red-White Singing Festival                                 第6回国際紅白歌合戦

National holiday 10th October 15:30-18:30

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (near yoyogi park)

 国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センター・大ホール  15:30-18:30

―Japanese sing in foreign language , Non-Japanese sing in Japanese to show the respect for different culture.


This event aims for better understanding among all nationalities living in Japan by singing Japanese sing in foreign language and Non-japanese sing in Japanese.Let's enjoy singing and dancing with all performers.Many of Non-japanese residents and International students in Japan are struggling to brighten up Japanese society with their efforts.

INTERNATIONAL RED-WHITE  SINGING FESTIVAL aims for new type of event which Non-japanese and Japanese help each other to organize. We hope Japan would be better place to live for Japanese and also Non-Japanese residents who are the contributors for Japanese society. 



10月10日(祝)  15:15-18:30
《後援》 観光庁  外務省 東京都  国際機関日本アセアンセンター